Set In Order – Hitting the Mark


If you ever bought a ticket to a live performance at a theatre or even a K.I.S.S. concert, then you’ve seen the second 5S method, set in order, in action. When a performer is in the exact place they’re supposed to be, it’s called “hitting their mark.”

view of stage at concert where the headliners have set in order their show.

How about your facility? Is it “hitting the mark?”

An experience where…not so much.

The restaurant I chose was set up similar to a Subway, where you’d give your order to an employee and the next staff member would add “extras” to your food item. Except these employees acted like performers in a clown sideshow; bumping into each other, not listening to what the other employee said, asking the customer the same question because they kept forgetting the answer. In other words, a true flustercuck.

a sandwich

All I kept thinking was “Wow. This team needs to learn the second phase of the 5S Methodology.” The second 5S method, Set In Order, or Seiton, is all about arrangement and improving safety to make your workflow smooth and easy. Positioning your work stations in such a way that items are easy to locate.

You’ve likely heard it said a thousand times before, but it’s still true: A place for everything and everything in its place. There is a logical order to work performed. Are important items so well-organized that your team can access them quickly and easily when they need them?

Unfortunately, my fast-food restaurant experience proved they didn’t have everything in place. Not to mention how frustrated the customers became since it was taking a lot longer to get their order finished.

Preparation Tip

Have the necessary tools for the job clearly marked and organized so you can hit your mark every time. Create a visual roadmap for all processes so even the new guy can figure it out.

At The 5S Store, we love to help you achieve efficiency by offering Tool Control and Labels to keep everything in order. You can even read about how 5S can help in the food industry. We’re here to make your workflow flow. For more 5S solutions, give us a shout.

Your team will stop bumping into each other and boost their output faster than you can say, “Extra cheese, please.”


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