Expert 5S Coaching Services with David Visco

The 5S system is one of the most effective ways to improve the safety and
efficiency of manufacturing and warehouse workspaces. And, when it comes to 5S initiatives, sometimes you just need a little help. The 5S Store offers a variety of customized coaching services that help to ensure a successful 5S implementation. Let experts at the 5S Store guide you to successful implementation.

Onsite Assessments

Our 5S Assessment Program is an in-person one-day tour of your facility to
evaluate your 5S initiatives. Much more than just a scoring of each 5S component, we conduct a robust and thorough analysis using our proprietary 5S excellence model. You will receive a comprehensive written report of the findings, supported by photos, along with a detailed plan for improvement.

In-person Coaching Visits

We can also conduct subsequent visits at your request. Each additional visit will focus on evaluating the improvements that have been made and identifying areas that require more effort. With each visit you will receive a comprehensive report detailing findings and an action plan for continuous improvement.

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Virtual Coaching

Our Virtual Coach Program is a one-of-a-kind gem that gives you access to your own 5S expert to help coach you with your 5S initiative. During one hour of video conference calls, your coach and your team will review all improvements that were made as well as develop solutions for any challenges that you may be experiencing. To make calls most valuable, the client will typically send the coach photos or videos of a particular area they would like to discuss for review in advance of the call. 

5S Training

In-person training in 5S can be provided to help educate your staff in 5S methodology. Trainees receive robust, hands-on training that includes implementing all facets of 5S. By the end of the training, the team will be able to implement 5S in all areas of the facility. Each trainee will receive digital copies of the training guide for their reference.

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Your Go-to Resource for Everything 5S

Founded by 5S expert, David Visco, who literally wrote a book on 5S, the 5S Store offers the services and products you need to organize your workplace and increase productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Unlike other sources, the 5S Store team is equipped with the knowledge to help find the exact solutions you need to succeed with your 5s implementation. With onsite services to help you with assessments and training and thousands of products available for purchase, we’re flexible, knowledgeable, and invested in your success.

We know you can buy your 5S products from countless vendors. That’s why we’ve developed a store like no other. Give us a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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