Importance of Workplace Communication


Research has shown that effective workplace communication increases morale, productivity, and commitment throughout an organization. Many businesses understand the value of communication. However, getting everyone on board can be challenging. Sometimes bad habits are hard to break.

For instance, if you’ve recently experienced changes in HR, management, job roles, or had new hires, you can use these quick ideas. They will help cultivate communication across your organization to get you back on track. Because building a workplace where there is a constant exchange of ideas involves just the right formula.

1) Culture

If you haven’t created a lean culture that’s unique to your business, you need to! Businesses thrive when they provide a culture that fosters a positive atmosphere, organized workflow, and improvement processes. With a lean culture, you can change habits and get everyone involved in actively making improvements.

A great book to check out is Creating a Lean Culture: Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions, Third Ed. by David Mann. In this book, he shows you how to implement a sustainable, successful transformation by developing a culture that has the stakeholders throughout the organization involved and devoted to the outcome.

2) 5S communication boards

Visual communication surrounds us everywhere and when used in the workplace it is highly effective. By placing 5S communication boards throughout your departments, you can showcase 5S activities. For example, post deserving team members, before and after photos, 5S audit scores, and implemented ideas. Such communication helps to set standards and sustain improvement.

A site board for safety improves workplace communication

3) Focus on facilitating improvements

A one-sided company doesn’t listen to what their employees have to say and therefore often fails to improve communication. Whereas a business that provides a process to submit suggestions and actively looks for ways to make improvements. It will build company morale and improve communication.

4) Team building

The best way to build trust and communication is through team building activities. With trust, you can build stronger relations that reduce unnecessary, harmful competition within departments. Then, employees can learn how to work and have fun together in a relaxed atmosphere and learn the best ways to communicate with each other.

Team building exercises show the value of everyone’s ideas. For example, create a fictional problem that must be solved. This will help you see how your team will work together to communicate their ideas and solve the issue.

Cling stickers with happy, sad and neutral faces

5) Ensure transparency

When you regularly communicate information both internally and externally, others easily understand what you value. Believe it or not, your employees want to know what your marketing plans are or any changes that have taken place. Don’t keep information from those that will help your business grow.

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